Ways to Frustrate Your Volunteers and Team

Frustrating Your Team

Frustrating your volunteers is a quick way to lose them. We all want a great team of volunteers, that stick it out for the long haul.  Unfortunately, often leaders end up frustrating their volunteers, causing them to quit, walking away disappointed.

Here is a quick Top 10 list of ways leaders end up frustrating their volunteer teams and end up losing them

10. Don’t be clear about your expectations

9. Don’t communicate regularly and consistently

8. Be completely unorganized and do everything spur of the moment

7. Refuse to have regular office hours.

6. Never return their phone calls and emails. 

5. Show up late to meetings, events, and youth groups.

4. Don’t go to them directly about an issue or problem.

3. Micromanage them and act like you don’t trust them

2. Refuse to be flexible.

1. Give Them NO Ownership or Input in the Ministry’s Direction?

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