Bonus Game: “Palm Sundaes”

Bonus Game: Palm Sundae. Just in Time for This Sunday…PALM Sunday! Some Quick RanDumb Fun Rather Obviously Named Game. Just to Keep Things Cool Around Your Teen Ministry!?

– Ice Cream (2 containers)
– A variety of ice cream toppings, including syrup, whip cream, and a cherry
– Ice cream scooper
– A few spoons

Playing/Explanation :
Simply Explanation: Players will create an ice cream masterpiece in their partner’s palms.¬†

– Open up all the topping containers
– Layout all the supplies
– Last-minute pull out the containers of ice cream. Do this as last minute as possible so that ice cream will say hard

– Select 2 teams or 2 to come to the front
– Have them decide which one is more creative and artistic
– Reveal the toppings and ice cream & explain the game
– Have players face each other and have the non-artistic player cup both hands together in front of them, forming a “bowl” with their palms.
– Give them 60 seconds to complete the task
– On “Go,” the ice cream artists will begin to scoop and top their sundaes
– Winner is the team that creates the most artistic and beautiful “Palm Sundae”!!