Booking Speaking for Fall/Winter 2022

Booking Speaking for Fall/Winter 2022- Youth and Family Ministry has been my calling and passion for almost 28 years. My secondary calling and passion are youth workers themselves, their health, marriages, and families.

I studied Education at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, Biblical Studies and Counseling Psychology at Clark Summit University, and studied at Davis College. My choice of education and study has given me a unique perspective and strategy in the ministries I have served.

I have served a variety of kinds of churches, in unique places around the country. I have been able to serve churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and even Washington, D.C. I am currently serving a church in the Chicagoland area as a family pastor. I have worked with students, families, and pastors in underprivileged rural settings from urban areas to military communities to upper-class suburbs.

Quite a few years ago, connecting with fellow youth pastors and leaders, I discovered that there were very few resources specific to the middle years (5th–9th grade) in youth ministry and not much for the growing movement toward family and parent engaged ministry. Additionally, there were limited affordable resources to train and support youth workers outside of major events and publications. Over the last 10+ years, I have been creating resources, building networks, mentoring, and speaking to help meet those needs.

Youth Ministry Hub is a continuation of my heart for local youth workers, their ministries, families, and callings.




I would love to speak at your next youth worker training, student event, or parent/family training. I believe it’s a great honor to be able speak and be a guest of your ministry. Every time I speak, my goal is to be practical and add value to those in attendance. If you think I would be a good fit for your event, please fill out the speaker request form and we can discuss your needs.

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