Daddy Always Said (Youth Ministry Wisdom)

Daddy Youth Ministry Wisdom

Daddy Always Said (Youth Ministry Wisdom)

Father Knows Best… Go Ask Your Father…  Fatherly Wisdom…

In Honor of Father’s Day, Yesterday, Here Are Ten Things “Daddy Always Said…” Growing Up, that May Also Still Apply In Your Youth Ministry Life? 

10. “Walk It Off….“- Sometimes in ministry, you will get hurt, and you might need to walk away before you say something you shouldn’t?

9. “This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You” Discipline and correction are not fun for anyone but are needed to make us better at what we do.

8. “Put Your Big Boy (girl) Pants On…”
– We work with students, but we are not students. We need to act like the adult we are.

7. “Rip It Off Quick, It Will Hurt Less” Conversation and difficult situations in ministry are best handled when we get right to the point and deal with things directly and immediately.

6. “Kids These Days Have It Easy!” – Youth ministry has been around a while now. It honestly in SOME ways, is easier than it was when it first started; it is good to remember that?

5. “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!” – Budget wisely and be a good steward of whatever youth budget your church has for you.

4. “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” – Don’t change things, just to change things. Sometimes “Sacred Cows” are still giving us some “sacred milk” even if we don’t like it?

3. “Put It Back Where You Found It”– If you borrow or use someone else’s stuff (resource, lesson, game), make sure to give credit. Borrowing and Stealing are two different things.

2. “A Little Bit of Dirt Never Hurt Anybody” – Youth ministry is not just about sitting in the office praying and reading your Bible. You need to get out and get down in the dirt of life with students.

1. “Either You’re Called or Your Crazy!”(*Something my own dad, a pastor, personally, always used to say to me.)
If you are doing youth ministry because it is a job, paycheck, a way to escape getting a ‘real job’ or for any other reason other than God’s Personal Calling on Your Life…YOU ARE CRAZY!

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