Things They Don’t Teach (Part 2)

Things They Don't Teach 2

Things They Don’t Teach (Part 2)… Someone asked me recently “What don’t they teach you in college/seminary/’school that you need to know for real-world, real-life youth ministry. Last week I post the first list of ten Things They Don’t Teach (But Should)” 

I have continued to think about this, as I have conversation, meeting with my local network and scan over social media.  I am sure you have think about even more to add to this list.  Here is my second quick list of the top ten “Things They Don’t Teach”… but should!?

  • How to Love Your Calling as a Youth Pastor.
  • How to Stay Organized.
  • How to Connect with Students in an Authentic, Genuine way.
  • How to Really Sit and Talk with a Student after a Suicide/Family Death.
  • How to Tell a Group Of Students, That You are Leaving.
  • How to Successfully Run a Game or Event.
  • How to Love Your Wife, Like Christ Loves the Church.
  • How to Deal with an Upset/Angry/Disappointed Parent of a Student.
  • How to Be Humble as a Leader.

* PS: If you are interested in hearing more, receiving coaching, booking a training event, or looking for a speaker for a youth worker event over some of these topics. I would love to come and share. (FIND OUT MORE)