Five Games for a Penny: Free Game Resource

five games for a penny

“Five Games for a Penny is the latest FREE Game Resource from Youth Ministry Hub,

Five simples, inexpensive, easy-to-play games for your youth ministry.  Games that your youth group is sure to enjoy.  Each game ranges in cost from a little as a single penny all the way up to only two dollars.

Each game is a big group game.  Perfect for middle schoolers, high schoolers, or even your children’s ministry area.

A great introduction to a series on money, spending, and stewardship.

Each Game Includes: 

  • Basic Explanation
  • Supplies Needed
  • Preparation Instructions
  • Step-by-Step Game Play

Enjoy “Five Games for a Penny”  and make sure to check out our full Game Store for more great games.  Be on the lookout for more free resources like this one, coming soon!