Dan Istvanik, Founder and Owner of Youth Ministry Hub

My approach and process of coaching and mentorship are unique; after almost 30 years of experience in youth and family ministry, as well as many years of pursuing my secondary calling of caring for youth workers themselves- their spiritual life, physical health, mental well-being, professional excellence, and marriages.

I studied Education at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, Biblical Studies and Counseling Psychology at Clark Summit University, and studied at Davis College. My choice of education and study has given me a unique perspective and strategy in the ministries I have served. This is especially true in my approach to coaching.

I have served a variety of kinds of churches in unique places around the country. I have been able to serve churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and even Washington, D.C. I am currently serving a church in the Chicagoland area as a family pastor. I have worked with students, families, and pastors in underprivileged rural settings, urban settings, and military communities, now upper-class suburbs of a major city.  I have worked in mainline liberal, charismatic, and conservative Baptist.  I started out in a small country church, ended up in a mega-church, and spent time in two multi-sites.  All of this allows me to speak into the life of youth workers in all contexts.

Over the last 10+ years, I have been creating resources, building networks, mentoring, and speaking to help meet the needs of the average, in-the-trenches youth worker.  I do not claim to know it all or guarantee success.

Youth Ministry Hub Coaching is a continuation of my heart for local youth workers and their ministries, families, and callings.


  • Youth Ministry Resources: LeaderTreks, Download Youth Ministry, Orange: XP3, Youth Specialties
  • Parent & Family Resources: Ministry to Parents, The Source of Parents, D6, INCMN
  • Publications: Youth Worker Journal, Group Magazine


  • Youth Ministry Training Events Like Youth Specialties: National Youth Worker Convention, Next Ministry Conferences, Vision of Youth: National Youth Workers, Summit, Beyond Kids Ministry Conference)
  • Student Events Like Retreats/Conferences: Black Rock Retreat Center, Brethren in Christ Northeast, Carlisle EFC Students
  • Summer Camp Weeks Camp Patmos, River Valley Ranch, Mill Creek Church Students


My approach to coaching will be personal and customized to each individual, team, or church, as there is no one-size-fits-all coaching.  It is being offered to a limited number of clients per season to honor my personal well-being, family, and church ministry.  After a request is made, I will offer a short FREE 20 to 30-minute call to get to know the circumstances and needs.


  • Individual: This will be a one-on-one mentorship relationship.
  • Youth Ministry Team: This will be with the key youth ministry leader and the team they supervise (paid or volunteer)
  • Church Team: This will be with a staff team/group or a whole church staff.
  • Supervisor/Team Member: This is a two-on-one coaching, advising, or mediating relationship

Coaching Experiences:

  • Single Session: 60-90 minutes (Zoom, Call, or In-Person).  Individual and Situational Assessment, Verbal Evaluation, and Written Formulation of Resolution.
  • 3 Months: Three 60-90 minute meetings once a month (Zoom, Call, or In-Person).  Weekly 30-minute check-ins and prayer (Calls).  Text and email communication are available for the duration. Individual and Situational Assessments, Monthly Verbal and Written Evaluations, Monthly Assigned Tasks (reading, written, and other). Written Formulation of Strategy and Vision at Conclusion.
  • 6 Months: Six 60-90 minute meetings once a month (Zoom, Call, or In-Person).  Weekly 30-minute check-ins and prayer (Call). Text and email communication are available for the duration. One optional meeting with the supervisor and/or team. Individual and Situational Assessments, Monthly Verbal and Written Evaluations. Monthly  Assigned Tasks (reading, written, and other).  Written Progress Report Overview, Formulation of Strategy and Vision at Conclusion.
  • Optional: In-Person Visit: 1-3 days of in-person coaching, depending on availability.  Travel and expenses to be negotiated.