Youth Group Christmas Party Collection

Youth Group Christmas Party Collection

YOUTH GROUP CHRISTMAS PARTY: YOUTH MIN HUB RESOURCES Lesson/Game Package: “Uncommon Cents” (One Night)   20 Christmas Time Movies” Games: Relay Races Big Group Games Small Group Challenge Big Group Elimination Game  Scavenger Hunt Collection  Screen Game Collection: “Stocking Stuffer” . “Naughty or Nice Price” . “Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws” Wacky Winter Game Collection  December Theme […]

Christmas Time Movie Night

20 Christmas Time Movie Night Movies

Christmas time movie night movies for your youth ministry. Twenty classics and the usuals, but hopefully some church appropriate ones that your students have not already seen a million times?   Just like our last movie night list for Fall/Halloween movies, always, pre-watch the movies. I hope you find the list helpful!  20. A Christmas Story (*classic, surprised at […]

Christmas Dollar Games

Christmas Dollar Deal Games!

CHRISTMAS DOLLAR DEAL GAMES…JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTIES/EVENTS!!  Rudolph’s Revenge Small Group Challenge is perfect for a weekly youth group night or for the big Christmas party event. Includes: Downloadable PDF instructions and small group game sheets   ADD TO CART Santa Rudolph Frosty Game is one of our Christmas Dollar Deals! A fun, […]