tech the halls

Tech The Halls: Parent’s Guide to Tech Gifts

“Tech the Halls: Parents Guide to Tech Gift Giving this Christmas” is a great resource to share with parents and families this Holiday season.   It was written by Tony Bianco of “”. He has graciously allowed us to share it in a downloadable PDF form as well, so you can share it with parents […]

Signs: God’s Directions (One Night)

Signs: God’s Directions (One Night), a“done-for-you” resource for one complete night of youth ministry. SIGNS: GOD’S DIRECTIONS (ONE NIGHT) OBJECTIVES Students will understand how to find God’s directions for their lives. KEY VERSE “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your […]

Christmas Time Movie Night

20 Christmas Time Movie Night Movies

Christmas time movie night movies for your youth ministry. Twenty classics and the usuals, but hopefully some church appropriate ones that your students have not already seen a million times?   Just like our last movie night list for Fall/Halloween movies, always, pre-watch the movies. I hope you find the list helpful!  20. A Christmas Story (*classic, surprised at […]

“Uncommon Cents”: Youth Group ‘One Night’ (ON SALE)

One Nights are all-inclusive, “done-for-you” resources for one complete night of youth ministry, with everything you need to have maximum impact with minimal preparation for your youth group gatherings. WHO IS ONE NIGHT FOR? For ministry with middle school or high school students. One Night is designed to be easily used by everyone—from new volunteers […]