The Seven Minute Rule

WANT TO KEEP YOUR STUDENTS ENGAGED AND LISTENING TO YOUR LESSON? CONSIDER THE “7 MINUTE RULE”  WHEN IT COMES TO PLANNING YOUR NEXT LESSON:  I know traditionally, youth ministry lessons tend to resemble a sermon/lecture (“Auditory Learning”) more than they do other kinds of presentations. The church is a setting for 20 minute plus sermons, […]

In the Beginning Lesson

“In The Beginning” (Faith & Science Lesson Series)

“In the Beginning”, a 3-Lesson Series about the partnership of Faith and Science.  A great lesson for middle school or high schoolers. It is easy-to-use and a done-for-you set of lesson presentations. Each lesson addresses the topic of God’s creation of the world, us, and purpose as they intersect faith and science to reveal to […]

Youth Group UnCommon Cents

“Uncommon Cents”: Youth Group ‘One Night’ (FREE)

One Nights are all-inclusive, “done-for-you” resources for one complete night of youth ministry, with everything you need to have maximum impact with minimal preparation for your youth group gatherings. WHO IS ONE NIGHT FOR? For ministry with middle school or high school students. One Night is designed to be easily used by everyone—from new volunteers […]

Connect Lesson Series

Lesson Series: “Connect” (Relationships/Friendship)

Connect, a 4-Week Lesson Series on Friendship, Relationships, and Connection is Now Available in Our Lesson Store! This is a field-tested lesson series that has been taught numerous times in various forms in real-life youth ministry settings over the years. The content was also adapted for larger retreat settings.  I have used its content, speaking […]