youth ministry advice

In-the-Trenches, Real-Life Youth Ministry Hints

HERE ARE EIGHT QUICK, IN-THE-TRENCHES, REAL-LIFE YOUTH MINISTRY HINTS FOR YOUR NEW YEAR  Never Buy More than a Couple Extra T-shirts Than You Have Kids and Leaders. (the leftovers will haunt you for years) Never Pre-Buy Tickets for Events, Before You Know Who is Going. (you will lose money every time, pre-sign up & pre-pay always) […]

Level Up One Night

“Level Up!” Youth Group ‘One Night’

One Nights are all-inclusive, “done-for-you” resources for one complete night of youth ministry, with everything you need to have maximum impact with minimal preparation for your youth group gatherings. WHO IS ONE NIGHT FOR? For ministry with middle school or high school students. One Night is designed to be easily used by everyone—from new volunteers […]