Welcome to the Planet (One Night Lesson)

Welcome to the Planet is a “done-for-you” resource for one complete night of youth ministry, helping students discover their purpose of being here.  KEY OBJECTIVES Students will answer the age-old question, “What is your purpose?” They will discover that God placed them here intentionally and on a mission. KEY VERSE “Praise be to the God […]

“Y.R.U.” (One Night Youth Ministry Resource)

YRU (One Night Youth Ministry Resource) is a “done-for-you” resource for one complete night of youth ministry, helping students to find and own their identity in Christ.  KEY OBJECTIVES Students will answer the question, “Why Are You?”. They will discover why they are who they are and how God created them uniquely. KEY VERSE “For […]


“Connect” (One Night Youth Ministry Resource)

“CONNECT” (One Night Youth Ministry Resource) is a “done-for-you” resource for one complete night of youth ministry programming; EVERYTHING is Included!!  KEY OBJECTIVES Students will consider the connections they make with others. They will be challenged to choose friendship and be a better friend wisely. KEY VERSE “My command is this: Love each other as I […]

“Successful Big Parent Meetings”

Successful Big Parent Meetings- Parent meetings can be intimidating but they do not have to be. So many youth leaders/pastor dread these meetings, as moments where they are put on the spot, questioned, or even feel like they are being critiqued.   Often younger leaders feel threatened, put-down, or disrespected as they walk away from […]

middle years ministry

Middle Years Life Transitions

THE MIDDLE YEARS (5th-9th grade, Ages 10-14) ARE A HUGE TIME OF LIFE TRANSITION.  IT MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT TIMES IN A PERSON’S LIFE!   Do youth pastors/workers know and understand the transition that is happening in the lives of their students?  Do we appreciate the power and the potential for doing effective […]

Helping Students Return to School

Helping Students Return to School… Ten Quick Hints and Ideas.  10. Offer Sharing Times, During Regular Meeting Times/Small Groups to Talk, Before and After Their First Week.  9. Be Available Virtually and In-Person After-School for Students That Need to Talk.  8. Support Parents in the Back to School Process.  7. Teach “Back to School” Lesson […]