If God Is 7 Minute Sunday

If God Is 7-Minute Sunday

IF GOD IS: “Seven Minute Sunday” is based on the “7-Minute Rule” of Differentiated Teaching. It is a fresh NEW way of doing Sunday school that will change the way you see your Sunday Morning. This is a “done-for-you” resource for a complete 60 minute Sunday morning in youth ministry. KEY OBJECTIVES Students will learn and interact […]

Faith on the Fridge

Faith on the Fridge (Family Resource)

Faith on the Fridge” (Family Resource) is a done-for-you resource for parents to be able to offer faith-based inspiration and encouragement that will lead to discipleship conversations. This resource will offer parents a simple first step as part of the discovery stage of trust and building meaningful relationships. Includes: A family discipleship strategy & plan […]

October Hilarious Holidays

October Youth Ministry Hilarious Holidays

Here is a set of October Hilarious Holidays.  Hilarious Holidays, we will be a monthly post to help you “Make Every Night Special” in your youth ministry.   Think of games, food, and fun that can celebrate these odd and unique days with your students. These holidays are also great ways to make silly memories. […]

middle years ministry

Middle Years Life Transitions

THE MIDDLE YEARS (5th-9th grade, Ages 10-14) ARE A HUGE TIME OF LIFE TRANSITION.  IT MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT TIMES IN A PERSON’S LIFE!   Do youth pastors/workers know and understand the transition that is happening in the lives of their students?  Do we appreciate the power and the potential for doing effective […]