Engaging Middle Schoolers in Small Groups

ENGAGING MIDDLE SCHOOLERS IN SMALL GROUPS IS SOMETIMES CHALLENGING; OTHER TIMES, IT MAY SEEM IMPOSSIBLE. She was awkwardly staring me down, like only a middle school girl with a little too much attitude could. We had dismissed into small groups a while ago. I had asked her a simple question, “Why aren’t you in your […]

The Seven Minute Rule

WANT TO KEEP YOUR STUDENTS ENGAGED AND LISTENING TO YOUR LESSON? CONSIDER THE “7 MINUTE RULE”  WHEN IT COMES TO PLANNING YOUR NEXT LESSON:  I know traditionally, youth ministry lessons tend to resemble a sermon/lecture (“Auditory Learning”) more than they do other kinds of presentations. The church is a setting for 20 minute plus sermons, […]

Youth Ministry Nights

“Make EVERY Week Special In Youth Ministry

Tired of the weekly question from your parents and students, “Is there anything special happening this week?” Now you can answer honestly… “EVERY WEEK IS SPECIAL!!” by actually making every week special, unique and fun. It is not that hard or expensive.  Below are all REAL, “in-the-trenches” Youth Ministry Nights I have done or am currently doing!  These are […]