Spring Thing Game Book is an all-in-one collection of ten Easter and Spring Time games.  

This collection of games is perfect for weekly meetings or to play a collection of games as an all-inclusive game event.  There are a variety of up-front challenges, icebreakers, big group games, and even an Easter-time version of dodgeball. 

Great for middle school and high school students.  A perfect ready-to-go simple-to-use resource for any church youth ministry or other organization.   This completely downloadable PDF book can be printed out or saved to a device for easy access on the spot.

Games Included:

  • Humpty Dumpty Paramedic (Big Group)
  • Butterflies and Birds (Big Group)
  • Spring Tul-UPs! (Big Group)
  • Spring Early Birds (Icebreaker/Mixer)
  • Easter Bunny Hop & Shake (Up Front Challenge)
  • Spring Flowers & Showers (Big Group/Mixer)
  • Your Mama! (Mother’s Day Icebreaker)
  • Palm Sundaes (Up-Front Challenge)
  • Ping Pong Paddle Easter Egg Pick Up (Up-Front Challenge)
  • Easter Bunny Dodgeball (Big Group Game)

Each Game Includes:

  • Supply List
  • Simple Explanation
  • Set-Up Instructions
  • Gameplay Instructions
  • Hints and Helps