Christ-Centered vs. Student-Center Ministry

Christ-Centered vs. Student-Center Ministry

Like many homes where adults choose to make the children the center of attention and decision making, there are ALSO many youth ministries and churches doing the SAME thing.  

Like homes that are consumed with making sure children are not bored or unhappy, we as youth ministries may also be unknowingly doing the same thing by focusing strongly on making sure the students are happy, comfortable, and entertained.

While we as youth pastors and leaders bemoan parents that are “helicopter parents” or focus their attention on keeping their children busy in sports and every activity imaginable, we may be following suit by doing many of the same things.  Much like marriages and parent relationships that are being weakened by putting an unhealthy focus on children instead of each other,  our youth ministries as part of the body and bride of Christ may also be weakening our relationship by becoming more kid-centered and less Christ-centered?

Here are ten quick thoughts about the difference between Christ-Centered Ministry and Student-Centered Ministry…

10. Faith Focused vs. Fun Focused?

9.  Educate Us vs. Entertain Us? 

8. Opportunities for Students to Serve vs. Opportunities for Students to be Served? 

7.  Christ Honoring vs. Honoring Students? 

6.  God’s Presence vs. Who is Coming?

5.  Spirit-Led Decisions vs. Student-Led Decisions? 

4.  Compassion-driven vs. Complaint-driven? 

3.  Adults Desperately Seeking to Love Christ More vs. Adults Desperately Seeking to be Loved by Students More 

2.  Seeking Holiness vs. Seeking Hipness! 

1.  Studying Uncomfortable Truths of God’s Word vs. Discussing Non-Threatening Comfortable Topics?