The Seven Minute Rule

WANT TO KEEP YOUR STUDENTS ENGAGED AND LISTENING TO YOUR LESSON? CONSIDER THE “7 MINUTE RULE”  WHEN IT COMES TO PLANNING YOUR NEXT LESSON:  I know traditionally, youth ministry lessons tend to resemble a sermon/lecture (“Auditory Learning”) more than they do other kinds of presentations. The church is a setting for 20 minute plus sermons, […]

ministry misses too

MORE Youth Ministry Programming Misses

Ten MORE Youth Ministry Programming Misses, Another Quick Top Ten List Of What We Aim for and Often What We Miss in the End.  10. Aiming to Attract SHOPPERS, Missing Building Faithful MEMBERS.  9. Aiming for SUCCES, Missing BLESSING.  8. Aiming for more BODIES in SEATS, Missing HEARTS for ETERNITY.  7. Aiming for TEACHING, Missing […]