Two Minute Resource Review: “Convinced: Applying Biblical Principles to Life Choices” (Mel Walker)

Mel Walker Review

“Convinced” is a book by youth ministry veteran, Mel Walker.  Mel has been serving in youth ministry for 40 years, is the author of more than 10 books, and is the president and co-founder of the “Vision for Youth” organization.   He as always writes a book that is needed in our youth ministry world, as we look for good resources to offer our students.

This time out, Mel Walker joins forces with two of his own children who are also serving faithful in ministry.  Together Kristi and Todd Walker, along with their dad write a 30-day devotional for students, that is authentic, deep while applicable to every student.   Each one of these devotionals dives deep into the true application of  God’s Word to the choices of life that every young person is facing.

Through a short few minutes a day, students can spend a life-changing month reflecting on 30 of the hardest “grey issue” questions every teen asks as they navigate their Christian faith during the adolescent years.

Each day young readers will be faced with a question, key verses, a short reading, before being offered a reflective question, prayer challenge, and a Bible verse to focus on.    Each devotional not only offers God’s truth in a relevant way but also teaches students how to study God’s word for themselves.

It is a no-frills book, that skips the cute pictures or edgy graphics to get right to the center of the study.  If you are looking for a great gift to offer to students that want to go deeper or are struggling with living their personal faith, this book is for you.

Go directly to Mel Walker’s “Going On for God” website to order!