The Difference Between Middle Years & High School Years

Middle Years

The “Middle Years” are what I have defined over the last 15 years, as 5th to 9th grade.  It is a pivotal and important time in youth ministry but continues to be overlooked and under-resourced. It is different than the high school years!  These years are not a time for ‘dressed up’ children’s ministry or ‘dumbed down’ high school ministry. It is not a time to ‘wait & see’ or ‘hold on until you get older’. Middle Years students need a ‘youth ministry’ experience all their own, unique as they are! 

Here are just 10 quick differences between the “Middle Years” and High School Years…

10. Preparing For Spiritual Life vs. Repairing for Spiritual Life.

9. Beginnings of Personal Belief and Thought vs. Challenging of Personal Belief and Thought.

8. Opportunities Are Wide Open vs. Opportunities are Slowly Closing.

7. Getting Ready to be a Teenager vs. Getting Ready to Leave Being a Teenager.

6. Relying on Parent Involvement vs. Relying on Peer Involvement.

5. Outwardly Awkward and Unsure vs. Outwardly Confident and Inwardly Struggling.

4. Will Tell You What They Think vs. Will Tell You What They Think You Want to Hear.

3. Look Like Children But Want to Be Adults vs. Look Like Adults And Are Trying to Figure Out How to be an Adult.

2. Not Worried about Cool and Appropriate vs. Overly Worried about Cool and Being Embarrassed.

1. 85% Chance of Accepting Life-Long Faith/Beliefs vs. Less Than 15% Chance of Accepting Life-Long Faith/Belief

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