Keeping Attention During Your Boring Lesson

boring youth lesson

Keeping Attention During Your Boring Lesson! A Ran-Dumb Top Ten List for Your Monday! 

10. Throw your Pen or Tablet Stylus. (eyesight is over-rated)

9. Turn Up Your Mic. (can you hear me now…good!)

8. Occasionally Put Their Name in Middle of a Sentence or Verse. (And the snake said unto Herbert….)

7. Ask Their Mom to Come In and Sit With Them.  (See “Glory Road” movie)

6. Snapchat Them What You Just Said.  (what you still missed it…)

5. Car Battery, Jumper Cables,…Metal Chairs!!  (enough said…)

4. Rap Your Lesson.  (Yo…Grand Pastor Flash…up in this house!

3.  Have Their Probation Officer on Speed Dial on Your Phone? (*Real Story)

2. Ask Questions, Have a Cool Sticker Chart with Gold Stars. (Take it old school Sunday School-Style)

1. STOP BEING BORING AND TEACH SOMETHING INTERESTING?!! (seriously what students really want to know who begat Habakkuk or the Hebrew word for…well anything!!)


But Serious…Check out this Thursdays’ blog post calledTHE SEVEN MINUTE RULE”. We will be sharing some REAL ways to keep your kid’s attention and not bore them.

Also if you are looking for some help with this week’s lesson, check out our growing collection of ONE NIGHTS, all-inclusive resources with EVERYTHING you need for one full night of youth group!