Be Focal, Buy Local

be focal buy local

Be Focal, Buy Local with your youth ministry.

Let’s be real, we spend money, whether we are the big church in town or small fry around the corner we are spending our church’s (*God’s money) or the parent’s money.

Why not be more “Focal” in our spending by buying “Local”?

Whether it is the next graphic order for yet another t-shirt order or a banner for your youth room or even that monthly big pizza order why not use somebody local.  Nothing against some of the outstanding Christian graphic companies or the Big national pizza chains,  but why not put the money you are spending back into your own community and economy using locally owned and ran companies. You might even be ending up helping provide a job for someone in your own church?

The second part might be a bit more work but it is still worth it (*at least I think so) in God’s economy- Buy Local on your trips, retreats, and mission projects. 

Not in your own community, but in the community nearby your location you end up being.  Why not CASH MOB a couple of local stores and businesses buying supplies and food for your event?  If nothing else plan one night on a long trip to take your whole group to a local “mom and pop” business and let the kids spend a ton of their money buying snacks and other silly stuff?  I am telling you there is nothing more fun than to pull up with a bus and have a big group of students respectfully walk into a little tiny store and spend a whole lot of money they were going to spend anyway!?

Just another quick 60-second hint & help to make your ministry a bit more fun!