Mama Always Said: Youth Ministry Wisdom

Mama Always Said: Youth Ministry Wisdom.  In honor of Mother’s Day, yesterday.  Here is a Special Top 10 List Dedicated to Moms and the Things They Teach Us… EVEN ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY!? 

10. Share Your Toys!- If you have a great idea or great resource share it with other people in youth ministry!

9. Clean Out Your Ears!- Stop talking sometimes and just listen to your students  (and parents) when they are talking to you?

8.  Running Away? I Will Help You Pack! – Don’t run away from your problems, but if you choose to leave don’t be surprised if you end up getting some help packing and getting gone!?

7. Tuck in Your Shirt!– Yes, you want to be all hipster and fashionable but sometimes we just come off looking foolish in front of the adults…and sometimes our students too how you dress.

6. No Running in the Hallways!- Take your time to slowly walk through the hallways of your church, greet people, look them in the eye, and talk to them!

5.  Clean Up After Yourself! – Big bonus points with custodians, trustees, and the church if you don’t constantly leave a mess after youth group and/or events!

4. You are Known By the Group of Friends You Have!– I’ve said this before, but find an accountability partner, a mentor, or a group of other youth workers to network with!

3. Respect Your Elders!- Literally and figuratively, respect the leadership board in your church and also the older members of your church.

2. Don’t Complain Unless You Have a Solution!– It is kind of right there, and enough said!!!

1.  Life is Like a Box of Chocolates?- So is the church.  It is full of sweet people, and occasionally some nuts, either way, it is also full of amazing surprises you just have to take the risk to dig in and find it! It is always worth the risks!