November Hilarious Youth Group Holidays

November Hilarious Youth Group Holidays

November Hilarious Youth Group Holidays, special dates to you make your youth group special in your student ministry in November.

  • Nov. 2nd (Wednesday): National Deviled Egg Day

    • Oh the fun you could have with deviled egg games and eating contests!!
  • Nov. 6th: (Sunday): National Nacho Day

  • Nov. 8th: National Dunce Day
    • Great day to plan some “see how smart your students really are” games and activites!
  • Nov. 13th: (Sunday) World Kindness Day

  • Nov. 14th: National Pickle Day

    • Bobbing for pickles, pickle toss, pickle scavenger hunts, pickle log cabin building contests.. pickle baseball.  Play some pickle ball?
  • Nov. 16: (Wednesday) National Fast Food Day
  • Nov. 20th: (Sunday) National Absurdity Day
    • Think of the most aburd games and activities possible… this is your excuse.
  • Nov. 23rd (Wednesday): National Esperesso Day
    • Coffee bar night, serve up some great coffee with toppings and mix-ins.
  • Nov. 28th: National French Toast Day
    • Fresh toast “top this” topping bar night.   Play some french games!
  • Nov. 29th: National Square Dancing Day
    • Silent Disco…so last year! Bring on Square Dancing– “Holy Hoedown” night!!