Tech The Halls: Parent’s Guide to Tech Gifts

tech the halls

“Tech the Halls: Parents Guide to Tech Gift Giving this Christmas” is a great resource to share with parents and families this Holiday season.   It was written by Tony Bianco of “”.

He has graciously allowed us to share it in a downloadable PDF form as well, so you can share it with parents and families.

If your kids are anything like I was when I was their age, Christmas was the year to ask and hopefully receive new video games or technology.  Christmas was the perfect reason for the season to upgrade devices or get something new that had a screen.  Now, I grew up before iPads, social media, and smartphones, but technology and “the latest” were always on my list.

This may be true for your family, but now parents have much more to worry about when introducing new technology into the home.  Before, the main concern would be if someone could understand it or use it properly.  The concern is where they can go with it, who they can talk to, and how do I control it without being that parent.  Parents today have it much harder than those of the past in this area of life.  If you feel this stress know that it is understandable.  

I’m here to help!  I hope to give you some practical things to consider before you give the “latest and greatest” to your kids this year and leave you with some confidence to do it well!…. KEEP READING BY DOWNLOADING THE FULL PDF GUIDE! 

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