Being Critical vs. Critical Thinking


Being Critical vs. Critical Thinking… As leaders in your church, ministry, or organization, especially if you are younger than most on staff, there is a chance you may struggle between being “critical” or being seen as “critical” AND “thinking critically.”

As I talk to many young leaders, especially those in youth ministry positions that are leading from a “second chair” or are seeking to “lead even when they are not in charge,” there is a continual struggle. 

 Here are just ten quick differences to carefully navigate between “BEING CRITICAL” and “THINKING CRITICALLY” as you start your new year.

10. Being Critical is Negativity vs. Critical Thinking is Realistic. 

9. Being Critical is Skeptical vs. Critical Thinking is Questioning. 

8. Being Critical is Complaining vs. Critical Thinking. is Challenging.

7. Being Critical is Obstinate vs. Critical Thinking is Observant. 

6. Being Critical is Disconnecting Others, vs. Critical Thinking is Connecting Others. 

5. Being Critical is Opinions vs. Critical Thinking is Options. 

4.  Being Critical is Finding Faults, vs. Critical Thinking is Seeking Facts. 

3. Being Critical is Destructively Tearing Down vs. Critical Thinking is Constructively Building Up 

2. Being Critical is Think About Yourself vs. Critical Thinking is Thinking for Yourself 

1. Being Critical is Working as an Employee in a Ministry, vs. Critical Thinking is Taking Ownership of a Ministry.