Sunday “Experience” OR Sunday “Service”

Sunday Experience Sunday Service

Sunday Experience or Sunday Service… A few years ago, I was at a church that INSISTED on using the word “EXPERIENCE” in describing their Sunday morning gathering. The staff was not allowed to use the word “SERVICE; it was considered old fashion and outdated. Listening and observing, I had thought about it quite a bit as the change occurred.  Even recently, looking at different churches’ websites. It is interesting to me; I believe words hold meaning and depth.

I even recently sent out a survey on social media asking other people in youth ministry what word their churches used. It was interesting to me the different terms that were used. Overall though, the two words seemed to come up most often. It got me thinking over it, even as I interviewed different churches a few years ago. 

Here are my thoughts about Sunday Morning Experiences OR Sunday Morning Services… 

Experiences happen in Auditorium vs. Services happen in Sanctuary: Auditorium is where we demand God to show up for the show, Sanctuary is where God is already present, and we show up to honor Him.

Experiences are about Outreach, vs. Services are about Evangelism: Outreach is when we seek to meet people’s needs, and Evangelism is when sharing their ultimate need for Christ with people. (*teaching vs. reaching churches) 

Experiences have Music vs. Services have Worship: Music we listen to is a creative performance by select talented people; worship allows God to listen to all of us honor Him and cry out in our imperfections.

Experiences are Programming vs. Services are Ministry: Program is another organized event people choose to attend if their schedule allows; Ministry is an intentional priority people make time for in their lives. (See My Old Post on “Group Magazine”)

Experiences need Marketing vs. Services need Welcoming: Marketing is attracting the eyes. Welcoming is drawing the heart.

Experiences have Purposes vs. Services have Prayers: Purposes are our plans to succeed, and Prayers are God’s plans to grow and our hearts to follow.

Experiences are about Connection, vs. Services are about Community: Connection is feeling like we are liked, and Community is knowing we are loved.

Experiences ask for Giving vs. Services ask for Offering: Giving is asked for something out of obligation; offering is offered freely out of observation.

Experiences offer Talks vs. Services offer Sermons: Talks speak from our human wisdom and thoughts, and Sermons speak from God’s wisdom and the inspired idea from His Word.

Experiences have “Regular Attenders” Sitting vs. Services have “Servants” Serving: 

Sunday morning worship “Experiences” have a group of Regular Attenders sitting as customers awaiting Consistent Personal Moments of Satisfaction.   Sunday morning Services have a group of Servants Preparing for a Continual Movement of Serving!


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