Youth Pastor Box & Bag (FREE Download)

youth pastor box

The Youth Pastor Box and Bag: For years, I have created two things that have rescued my trips over and over again!   Whether it be summer camp, a mission trip, or a short retreat,   These two things have been my essential resource for close to 30 years.   These are the “in-the-trenches” and “live-and-learn” resources I have shared with youth leaders for many years.

I call them simply my “Youth Pastor Box” and my “Youth Pastor Bag.”

They are my big trip, an overnight resource collection accompanying me on every major trip with students.  The “Box” comes with me to almost every event, even in town.  The “Bag” comes with me to all in-town events and activities. Both contain a collection of my “go-to” items that I end up needing or a student ends up needing.   The things on big trips almost guaranteed that a couple of students will forget or run out of.

As you head into your summer, whether it be a camp, mission trip or just a local outing these lists will help you succeed!

**Pro Hint: Go hit up the local dollar store to pick up many of the things on these lists! 

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