Helping Students Return to School

Helping Students Return to School… Ten Quick Hints and Ideas. 

10. Offer Sharing Times, During Regular Meeting Times/Small Groups to Talk, Before and After Their First Week. 

9. Be Available Virtually and In-Person After-School for Students That Need to Talk. 

8. Support Parents in the Back to School Process. 

7. Teach “Back to School” Lesson to Help Students Prepare to Return to School. 

6. Offer a “Virtual” Study Hall, Via Zoom,  for Students to Meet Up to Help Each Other.

5. Write Thank You Notes to Teachers for Being Willing to Invest in Your Students. 

4. Send Out a Short Scripture Encouragement Each Morning of the First Week (or Two). 

3. Have a Prayer Time for Students During Main Services. 

2.  Plan a Special Back to School Event for Students to Relax and Have Fun. 

1.  Consider Starting an “Adopt-A-Student” Prayer Partnership.  (Like “Prayer for Me”)