Fancy (Fast) Food Screen Game

fancy fast food screen game

Fancy( Fast ) Food Screen Game is a fun game to see if students can guess the popular fast food chain restaurants by the fancy descriptions.

Five Different Ways to Play Fancy Fast Food Screen Game 

  • Play it in small groups or as pairs
  • Play it as an upfront face-off challenge (one-on-one or sending “heroes” from each team, each round)
  • Play it adult vs. student challenge.
  • Play it as a “This or That” (move left, if you think it “sheep”, move right if you think it “goat”)
  • Play it as a “Know It or Throw It”. (person comes to the front to hold the prize, get the answer right, stay, miss the question, throw the prize to someone else & that person comes up and continues)

Game Includes:

  • A Full Powerpoint Presentation
  • A Full Set of 25 JPG Slides for use in any presentation program (Pro-Presenter, Media Shout, Keynote…