October Youth Ministry Hilarious Holidays

October Hilarious Holidays

Here is a set of October Hilarious Holidays.  Hilarious Holidays, we will be a monthly post to help you “Make Every Night Special” in your youth ministry.   Think of games, food, and fun that can celebrate these odd and unique days with your students.

These holidays are also great ways to make silly memories. get great pictures and become easy social media posts to tag students and have students tag your ministry.

Also,, remember some of the monthly holidays to add another layer of fun all month long or as a replacement for one of the days.

October Monthly Celebrations: 

  • American Cheese Month- consider a “grilled cheese night” or a silly game like the “cheese challenge” 
  • Cookie Month- have a cookie buffet or create-your-own cookie topping bar.  Play some “Twisted Oreo Trivia” 
  • And of course… October is National Pizza Month! 

October Hilarious Holidays: 

  • 8th: World Egg Day- serve up some omelets and have some random game involving eggs like the “TikTok egg challenge” 
  • 13th: National Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day- make it a fun night at youth group by everyone bringing their favorite childhood stuffed animal
  • 17th: Wear Something Gaudy Day- great excuse to have a silly dress-up day on a Sunday!
  • 21st: National Nacho Day- Serve up some Kiddie Pool Nachos and celebrate!! 
  • 24th: National Bologna Day- Sandwiches, anyone?? 
  • 25th: Punk for a Day: dress up and rock out! 
  • 30th: National Candy Corn Day: grab some candy corns and toothpicks and face off with a building challenge like the Marshmallow Challenge 

Good Luck, Have Fun!!

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