Youth Pastor (Leaders) In the Bible!


Is the whole idea of adult leaders/pastors spending intentional time with teenagers… yes, even middle school-age kids something new? Nope, not at all!  Ministry to young people is not a modern concept.  It has been happening for thousands of years.   Even the sometimes debated separation of young people out into age-specific times to connection and study is not a new thing;

HERE ARE THE TOP TEN I CAN THINK OF…SERIOUSLY!  (*With just a little bit of fun thrown in.)  

10. Barnabas

Takes a young teen on a mission trip and ticks off the other pastor, who thinks that teenage boys are not mature enough to be on a mission trip.

9. Eli

Parents drop their kid off at the church and never come back to pick them up. The kid ends up sleeping on the floor in the back youth room area.  The leader keeps getting woken up by weird late-night calls and messages.

8. Daniel

A young teen taken away from his home and parents to live in an ungodly culture ends up leading a small group of 3 other guys.  They decide to eat right, get healthy, play in the furnace room, and upset all the adults because they don’t like the new praise band music.

7. Elijah

He takes on a young ministry intern to train him so he can take over the ministry when he is too old.  He gives the kid a cool “ministry hoodie” and shows him the ministry ropes before moving on… going out in a blaze of glory!
6. Joshua & Caleb

All the adults are gone (dead), and they are left to lead a whole mega-church (nation) of teenagers and young people to do what the adults couldn’t do because they kept grumbling about the food and leadership.

5. John the Baptist

He’s a strange guy in weird clothes sandals, but a cool beard.  Serves up some weird snacks, pointing everyone to follow Jesus, not him.
4. Paul

Hires a young guy to help lead the church.  Spends a lot of time mentoring him and helping him lead well.  He spends some quality time teaching him how to be an example to the older people in the church who are making fun of him for being too young.

3. Samuel
Finds a middle school boy who loves playing music and enjoys playing “dodge rock” and tells him that he thinks God can use him. Pours some holy “axe” over this head to get him ready.

2. Solomon
The first youth ministry curriculum writer wrote a couple of books for the youth of this nation.  Spends a ton of time explaining how to make wise choices and avoid dating the wrong kind of girl to get ready to marry the right kind of girl.
Gets a group of 11 middle school-age guys and 1 older guy to join his ministry. He starts growing quite a multitude of people coming out to hear him speak.  He spends 3 years hanging out with his small group of guys, teaching them before the religious church people end up getting mad about what he is doing.  He gets “called in” to talk to the church board, but it ends up not going well…