Do You Remember When…

10. …You could play an upfront game using peanut butter and no one died?

9.  … You could serve soda and chips as a snack instead of celery sticks, saltines and water?

8.  …. You played dodgeball with over-inflated playground balls or under-inflated volleyballs?

7.  …. Taking a couple of your students out for ice cream after church didn’t require 2 versions of the medical release form, picture ID, and a note from YOUR mother?

6. ….  Asking students to skip a single sports game to attend a weekend retreat, was not seen as the end of a scholarship deal, a promising career and fame in the minor leagues of professional…badminton?

5.  …  everyone brought their Bible and could look up a verse without using the table of contents…or a phone.

4. … a swimsuit cover, pajama pants, or yoga pants were not considered your “Sunday Best”?

3. … Christian music was fun, upbeat and included lyrics about “Captain Crunch” cereal, going to a  “Sadie Hawkins Dances” and hanging out in a “Big House” with lots of food and football”?

2. … FaceTime meant you were going to meet with a student in person over a milkshake.

1. …you didn’t “need” a screen the size of a 15-passenger van, smoke, and lights… all you had was a Bible and a couple old smelly couches!?