Hint/Help: “Spoil Them This Christmas”

Youth Min Volunteers

When it comes to your volunteers and adult leaders, SPOIL THEM this Christmas!!

Seriously…if you have adults who are volunteering in your ministry and doing a great job, make sure they know they are appreciated. Especially this year with so many people no longer attending church, let alone serving.

Let those who work for and with you know by doing great things for them as much as you can.  I have heard it said way too many times, “you are paid to be good; they are ‘good for nothing “?  Don’t make them feel that way.

End the year and start the new year right with some special appreciation for being a part of your team.  Christmas time is here; throw them a party or give them a small gift.  Don’t let it stop at Christmas, at the end of this school year, pull them up in front of every one give them big round applause and a special thank you gift if you can get them on the main stage during services!

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to spoil your leaders and volunteers. Just make sure that they are recognized and thanked regularly and often.

Finally always, always brag on them and defend them. You will NEVER be sorry that you have spoiled the people that are part of what you do.  Something I read many years ago and has stuck with me.  It is something I actually say to my leaders! They are the ones that are the “Anchors” of the ministry, and I am only a “Hook”! (*”Hooks & Anchors”).