Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws (Christmas Game)

Santa Claus Fluffy Paws

Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws?  This Warm and Fuzzy Christmas-Time Game Is a Funny and Silly Way to Start Your Next Gathering, Party, or Holiday Shin-Ding!

Another Simple and Easy to Play Christmas Game.  Great for Kids Ministry, Middle School Ministry, or High Schoolers!

It can be played in 2-3 different ways:

  • Use it as a small group/partner challenge with paper and pen.
  • Use it as a “This or That” game where the group has to move to the left side of the room for Santa Claus or the right side of the room for Fluffy Paws
  • Ust it an upfront face-to-face challenge where 2 players compete to be the first one with the right answer.

It is a Challenge Question Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker!

– 2 Powerpoint Presentations (editable and flat format)
– Full set of all slides in JPEG format (1920 X 1080)
– Set of web/social media promotional slides (640 x 320)