A REAL Top 10: “Best Funny Mission Trip Moments” (from over the years)

Mission Trip

Here are the Top 10 “Best Funny Mission Trip Moments” from over my 27+ years of doing youth ministry!

10. Coming Out in the Morning on a Mission Trip to Find That the Church Bus Has Been”Tagged”.

9. Girl Yelling “Hey I Found a Bag of Oregano!” While Doing a Street Clean-up.

8. Pulling Up to a Mission Trip Project Location To Find an SUV Engulfed in Flames in the Street.

7. Having a Very Nice Man in a Very Nice Car, Tell Me “If Anyone Messes with Your Group You Just Tell Them You Are Under My Protection.”

6. One of My Boys Lean out a Bus Window and Ask a Guy “Are You in a Gang!?”

5. A 7th Grade Girl Walk Up to Me Holding a Malt Liquor Wrapped in a Brown Paper Bag, That She Was Given as a Thank You Gift!

4. Someone Stealing the Air Conditioner Unit From the Side the Building the First Night of a Trip.

3. Leader Trading His Lunch for a Flat Football and a Kiss!

2. Deciding it would be a Good Idea to Use a Couple of Gallons of Gas and a Match Instead of a Weedwacker to Clear an Area of Grass!

1. Students Packing “Home Sweet Home” Napkins in Bag Lunches for the Homeless.