Ten Ways Youth Pastors Die?

Ways Youth Pastors Die

Ten Ways Youth Pastors Die? The ten ways your youth pastor might possibly die.  Keep the safe out there! 

10. Poisoned Playing “The Blender Game”.

9. Suffocate on a “Chubby Bunny”.

8. Falling to Death During a “Faith Fall.”

7. Drown in Tub of Kool-aid While Bobbing for Spam.

6. Electrocuted Jumpstarting the Bus.

5. Tripping Off the Stage and Breaking Their Neck During a Big Point at the End of a Lesson.

4. Caffeine-Induced Heart Attack During a Lock-In.

3. A Slip N Slide Head-on with a Tree.

2. Winter Water Balloon Fight Idea Mishap.

1. Dying of Shock After Receiving a Thank You Note For All Their Hard work?