middle years ministry

Middle Years Life Transitions

THE MIDDLE YEARS (5th-9th grade, Ages 10-14) ARE A HUGE TIME OF LIFE TRANSITION.  IT MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT TIMES IN A PERSON’S LIFE!   Do youth pastors/workers know and understand the transition that is happening in the lives of their students?  Do we appreciate the power and the potential for doing effective […]

Helping Students Return to School

Helping Students Return to School… Ten Quick Hints and Ideas.  10. Offer Sharing Times, During Regular Meeting Times/Small Groups to Talk, Before and After Their First Week.  9. Be Available Virtually and In-Person After-School for Students That Need to Talk.  8. Support Parents in the Back to School Process.  7. Teach “Back to School” Lesson […]

The Seven Minute Rule

Want to keep your students engaged and listening to your lesson? Consider the “7 Minute Rule”  when it comes to planning your next lesson:  I know traditionally, youth ministry lessons resemble a sermon/lecture (“Auditory Learning”) more than other kinds of presentations. The church is a setting for 20-minute-plus sermons, which might work for the adults, but it […]