The Conversation, The Talk

The Conversation, NOT ” The Talk”

The Conversation, Not the Talk… When my son turned ten and entered 5th grade, during the summer, we had what many parents call “the talk”.  It is the classic father-son moment talking about birds and bees.  You can picture the scene sitting on his bed, talking about all the details of life and answering a […]

micromanagers and bullies

“Why Are You Hitting Yourself?” (micromanagers and bullies)

We all know the time-honored phrase and what accompanies it, “Why are you hitting yourself?”  It is repeated by older siblings, classmates, and others as they grab our hand, overpower us, and beat us silly.  

While it may not happen physically to us, as we get older and stronger, it still does sometimes happens in adulthood, even in ministry settings. It continues through micromanagement and controlling leadership that beat us up emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Talking to Students about School Shootings

Talking to Students about School Shootings. Ministry is about a lot of things, but a growing need in youth ministry in our current era is to help teens process crisis-based tragedies like school shootings. Events like what happened again this week are happening more and more often, and students have questions, anxiety, and concerns about […]