Successful Marriage AND Ministry Tips

marriage and ministry tips

Successful Marriage AND Ministry Trips- Ten tips that work for both your marriage and your ministry!

10. Faithfulness- Don’t be check out other people’s…

9. Fun- Enjoy and learn to laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself.

8. Plan- Make plans and stick with them, what you say you will do…do!

7. Relax- Take and find time to relax, catch a breath, and just chill out.

6. Organize- Get and stay organized…A Day Planner & A Calendar!

5. Commitment- Commit to the long haul and stick it out for better or worse…Longevity!

4. Compassion- It is not just love, or even like… It is both and really honestly caring.

3. Communicate– Don’t talk at, talk to…a lot!

2. Scripture- Read it, believe it, make it the owner’s manual!

1. Prayer- marriage or ministry, this is what is going to keep you going through the rough times.