“Did You Hear About So & So?”

did you hear about so & so

“Did You Hear About So & So?” (Icebreaker) is a great youth group mixer to get to know each other better!  Especially great this time of year!


  • A 60-second egg timer or multimedia countdown clock


Quick explanation: Students will find a partner, and each person will have 60 seconds to tell the other person everything they can think of about themselves.  After 2 minutes is up, the pair will have to find another pair.  Each person has 60 seconds to share about their original partner when they find another pair. (not themselves)


Before the Game:

  • No preparation is needed


  • Have everyone find a partner
  • Give the “quick explanation”
  • Give everyone a minute or 2 to think about what they want to share
  • On “Go!” the first person shares as much as they can with their partner in 60 seconds.
  • Announce “Stop”
  • Announce “Go!” again, and the second person shares as much as they can in 60 seconds.
  • Announce “Stop”
  • Have pairs find another pair.
  • Repeat above, but this time people will have 60 seconds to share as much as they can remember about their original partner. Do this 4 times in all.


  • There is no winner; everyone wins because they have got to know each other better.

Did You Hear About So & So?”, Hint/Help: Great introduction to a lesson on gossip, witness, or even reputation!


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