Using Snapchat in Youth Ministry

Using Snapchat in Youth Ministry

It is currently one of the go-to options for communicating among students. Many of the other social media platforms are no longer being used, while Snapchat still is holding onto popularity (for now).  As “Social Media Savvy as Youth Pastors“, you should at least consider it.  Here are a few things to consider as an option for using its effectively

Ten hints and helps for Using Snapchat in Youth Ministry. 

  1. Snap updates: Use Snapchat to keep your youth group updated on upcoming events, reminders, and last-minute changes. This way, everyone stays informed and in the loop.

  2. Behind the Scenes: Give your youth group a behind-the-scenes look at your ministry events, programs, and planning sessions. It can be a great way to make them feel more connected and invested in the ministry.

  3. Devotionals: Share daily or weekly devotionals with your youth group through Snapchat. These can be inspirational quotes, Bible verses, or short messages that encourage your group to reflect on their faith.

  4. Q&A Sessions: Host Q&A sessions on Snapchat where your youth group can ask questions about faith, life, and everything in between. This can help create a safe space for your youth to discuss their questions and doubts.

  5. Prayer Requests: Use Snapchat to collect prayer requests from your youth group. This can be a powerful way to foster community and support within your ministry.

  6. Youth Group Highlights: Share highlights from your youth group meetings, retreats, and events on Snapchat. This can help build excitement for upcoming events and show off the great things your youth group is doing.

  7. Fun Challenges: Host fun challenges on Snapchat that encourage your youth group to engage with each other and their faith. These can be challenges like a Bible verse scavenger hunt or a photo challenge that encourages your youth group to reflect on their faith.

  8. Group Chats: Use Snapchat’s group chat feature to stay connected with your youth group throughout the week. This can be a great way to answer questions, share prayer requests, and build community.

  9. Connect with Other Youth Groups: Snapchat can also be used to connect with other youth groups in your area or around the world. This can help you share ideas and resources and build a stronger community.

  10. Share Bible Verses: One way to use Snapchat for youth ministry is to share daily Bible verses on your account. This can help inspire and encourage your followers and help them stay connected with their faith.