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Middle Years Life Transitions

THE MIDDLE YEARS (5th-9th grade, Ages 10-14) ARE A HUGE TIME OF LIFE TRANSITION.  IT MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT TIMES IN A PERSON’S LIFE!   Do youth pastors/workers know and understand the transition that is happening in the lives of their students?  Do we appreciate the power and the potential for doing effective […]

Helping Students Return to School

Helping Students Return to School… Ten Quick Hints and Ideas.  10. Offer Sharing Times, During Regular Meeting Times/Small Groups to Talk, Before and After Their First Week.  9. Be Available Virtually and In-Person After-School for Students That Need to Talk.  8. Support Parents in the Back to School Process.  7. Teach “Back to School” Lesson […]

The Closer: Speaking

Closer: Finishing With Intentionality

The Closer: Finishing with Intentionality? How do you finish your message, sermon, and lesson? Do you end well or stumble toward the finish with no real plan?  Nationally known speaker Chad Poe offers up some expert advice in his latest guest post!  You see parents easing into your space in the back of the room. […]