Halloween Would You Rather

Halloween “Would You Rather” Resource

Halloween “Would You Rather” Resource from Guest Contributor, Paul Turner Have some fun with your students this October with these 50 “spooky” Would You Rather questions. Halloween Would Your Rather resource includes 50 Would You Rather Questions Presentation with 10 Would You Rather questions 6 Ways To Use These Questions 31 IG and TIKTOK Graphics 50 […]

Youth Pastor (Leaders) In the Bible!

YOUTH PASTOR (LEADER) IN THE BIBLE! HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT?  ARE THERE YOUTH PASTORS/LEADERS IN THE BIBLE?  Is the whole idea of adult leaders/pastors spending intentional time with teenagers… yes, even middle school-age kids something new? Nope, not at all!  Ministry to young people is not a modern concept.  It has been happening […]