Church Van Twister

Church Van Twister Game

Travel Game: Van Twister- Here is a quick little “TWIST” on the classic game while traveling in your super cool swagger wagon 15-passenger church van to your next youth group shin-ding!?  It is “twisted” youth pastor fun to watch and to get pictures of!!  Supplies: None Set up/Prep: None Game Explanation/Play: Simple explanation: Students will be playing the classic […]

Camp Assassins Game

Camp Assassins Game (Free Download)

Camp Assassins Game is a FULL group, multi-day game that is sure to be a “Hit” at your next camp, retreat, or other events. QUICK EXPLANATION: Every person has the name of another person that they must “assassinate” and continue the game before they are assassinated. DOWNLOADABLE PDF INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDE: Supply list Pre-Game Instructions Game […]